Seeing as all of my time has been occupied by organising society events and trying to get assignments out the way, I haven’t really done much worth writing about lately. (But cramming in all of my work before term ends will be so worth it when I’m finally free to embark on my Christmas Adventure; see item #22 on the list for a big clue…)

In my quest for things to write about during these rather dry times (not literally dry, it’s pouring it down right now!) I have of course done a little snooping around on some other creative blogs. One thing I seem to be noticing a trend for, is bloggers writing their ‘bucket-list’; all of the things they want to get done before they die.

As much as I like this idea, if I were to write down all of the things I’d like to do before I die, it’s safe to say I’d be here for a very long time! Then again, if I were to take it smaller scale and write down just the things I’d like to do in, for example, the year 2017, it wouldn’t work either because I have so many plans but I simply don’t know what I will end up doing first. Plus, I know it’s just a title, but the idea of naming something a ‘bucket-list’ just makes me a little uncomfortable; I feel way too alive to be talking about ‘squeezing things in before I die’!

So, here is my compromise: ‘The Ten Year To-Do List.’

A collection of 53 things that I’d love to get done between 2015 and 2025. It seems perfect, especially considering that most of the list will be made up of travel-related items and my current passport was actually issued just before I turned 20 and expires just before the big 3-0…I definitely want this one to be bursting with stamps by the end!

(This also includes some amazing things that I’ve actually already done and seem so surreal that I’d like to take this opportunity to physically type them out and cross them off just to really believe I’ve done them) So, in the most random order ever, here we go!

  1. Be the first of my family to visit the Southern hemisphere (August 2015)img_2384
  2. Live abroad for six months or more (January-July 2016)
  3. Explore Japan (for at least a month)
  4. Bathe in hot springs in Iceland
  5. See the Northern Lights
  6. Complete a 10k Race (September 2016 and October 2016)14495456_10154009774508753_3807136111470263463_n
  7. Complete a Half Marathon (March 2017)staffordhalfracephoto
  8. Graduate my degree with First Class honours
  9. Visit relatives in Hungary, learn more about this part of my heritage
  10. Learn how to make authentic Hungarian apple strudel
  11. Have an Amazon rain-forest adventure
  12. Get paid to write
  13. Volunteer at a nature reserve (2015)img_2839
  14. Volunteer again (preferably at another wildlife-related sanctuary/reserve)
  15. Work for a successful travel/international-related magazine or publication.
  16. Write, illustrate, and publish at least one children’s book
  17. Go to the Galapagos Islands and see a giant tortoise
  18. Tour every country in Central America
  19. Snorkel in the fresh water coral reefs of Bonito (February 2016)img_0863
  20. Explore Easter Island
  21. Have a successful art exhibition
  22. Spend Christmas abroad (preferably in a really, really festive and snowy place) (*UPDATE: I had an amazing Christmas 2016 adventure in Zell am See, Austria- click here to read all about it!)img_0012
  23. Have a collection of art journals full of memories from places I’ve visited
  24. Reach C1 fluency in Spanish
  25. Reach C1 fluency in Portuguese
  26. Reach C1 fluency in Italian
  27. Explore Alaska and Canada
  28. Teach a class (2015)10511370_10152546865609647_7813104349089195632_n
  29. Learn basic-intermediate Polish
  30. Visit Poland and my Polish auntie’s relatives
  31. Set up a project to help homeless people in the city by giving them care packages with gloves, hats, scarves, etc.
  32. See the Iguassu Falls (January 2016)iguassu
  33. See Angel Falls
  34. Learn basic-intermediate Russian
  35. Travel across Russia (see more than just Moscow and St. Petersburg)
  36. Get married (eek)
  37. Take a trip to Morocco
  38. Embrace my inner bookworm
  39. Attend Latin dancing classes
  40. Be ‘running out of pages in my passport’ just like the girl Drake is singing to in Hotline Bling.
  41. Stop biting my nails (properly)
  42. Travel Alone (Done this so many times now! It is such a great experience to embrace)img_6257 

  43. Learn British sign language
  44. Take 12 trips in 1 year (one trip per month!)
  45. Cook 3 courses and host a successful ‘Come Dine with Me’ style dinner party
  46. Give blood (2015)
  47. Give blood regularly!!
  48. Own a home with large windows, a beautiful garden, and a creative studio
  49. Stay in contact with, and revisit, friends from around the world
  50. See a huge whale (swimming in the wild)
  51. Take flight in a hot air balloon
  52. Visit somewhere with no light pollution and camp underneath a sky full of stars
  53. Finally organise and edit all of the videos from my year abroad to make a mini movie

So there we have it, I’m sure this is subject to change, and I can’t promise I’ll do them all by 2025- but I can promise that I’m going to have a great time trying! 

Comment and tell me one or two things you’d love to do in the next 10 years…


15 thoughts on “The Ten Year To-Do List

  1. Hey Kia, just wanted to say that this has really inspired me to update a similar list that I wrote a while back. Really cool! I hope you’re having an amazing time abroad (I’ve been off my blogging game for over a year now…terrible I know!)

    1. Thanks for your comment I’m glad I can inspire you! 🙂 I’m back from being abroad now, it’s final year – ahhh! Don’t worry, blogging is always better when you really feel like doing it and you’re not forcing yourself to write 🙂

      1. Haha, no problem. I just caught up on your posts after I wrote that comment. Looks like you had a great time, and I’m sure you’ll achieve your First class degree goal! Look forward to keeping up with your blog (and reviving mine).

  2. My ex was obsessed with whales and if there’s one good thing I’ve taken away from that relationship it’s the knowledge that you can go whale-watching off the coast of Wales AND Scotland. Which is a lot less bloody effort than going all the way to Sri Lanka like I ended up doing haha.
    As for #52, the Amazon or the desert in Jordan are absolutely perfect! The sky honestly took my breath away both times!
    “Be ‘running out of pages in my passport’ just like the girl Drake is singing to in Hotline Bling” – this is bloody brilliant, I don’t know why I haven’t thought of using that reference before!!
    I really enjoyed reading this. It’s way more upbeat sounding than your regular old bucket list! And I’m all kinds of second-hand excited for you to achieve hopefully all of these!

  3. This is a fab alternative to a bucket list! Best of luck with the language goals and the First Class Honours! Seeing whales in the wild is super cool (but seasick-inducing and ever so cold – I saw whales off Massachusetts in June a couple of years back!!) I keep saying I want to learn Cantonese but I’m so slow at getting round to it that my word count still stands at about four, oops 😛 In the next ten years (slightly terrifying to think I’ll be over thirty by then…) I’d like to have a decent job that I enjoy (and preferably one that involves a bit of travelling and using my French), be on the way to owning my own house rather than renting and have seen a few more places round the world – Iceland and New Zealand are up there, but I’d also love to return to Japan. In the shorter term, I’d like to go back to Yorkshire and attempt to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge within the 12-hour time frame, and also add Ben Nevis to my mountain list!

    1. Wow so you’ve already seen whales in the wild AND explored Japan, I’m so envious of you Rosie! Ooh and you’ve reminded me how much I’d love to visit New Zealand too.. I guess I should save something for my 30s though haha 😉 The Three Peaks Challenge sounds awesome, I did wonder if I should’ve added ‘climb a mountain’ to the list too, its such a great achievement to have 🙂

      1. You’ve seen a heck of a lot of South America though – I’ve not even touched that continent yet, and your adventures from your year abroad sounded awesome (and infinitely more appealing than my final year studies at the time!) Indeed, got to keep a few things aside! I’ve kind of lost interest in the national Three Peaks Challenge (mostly because it depends so much on traffic as to whether you can actually do it in the time frame) but the Yorkshire version appeals as it’s done entirely on foot!

  4. This is a great list! Normally these kinds of things can get repetitive, but I love how each item here is unique/personal. 🙂 I’d actually love to work as a bartender, preferably in Ireland. (A weird one, I know!) And becoming fluent in French would also be nice, ha ha.

    1. Hey thanks for your comment! Yeah it was quite difficult to refrain from just saying “visit this place, visit that place, go here, go there” over and over again, so I’m glad it turned out to be an enjoyable read 🙂 That’s really cool, I think I would suck as a bartender because I’m so clumsy haha, and yep becoming fluent in a language = so difficult but so worth it!

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