Hey guys, I’m back!

What have I been doing you ask? Well, I’ve been spending the majority of my time at the beach of course! But not just the same old beach every single day, oh no. Florianópolis is famous for it’s beautiful beaches, and you’ll never get bored because it has 42 of them! (A fact that most of you from home will already be sick of, because I just couldn’t stop telling everyone)

Me and Ana have come from England to study here for one semester, around 20 weeks, and we have set ourselves a challenge: in that time we want to visit all of the beaches in Florianópolis.12939416_10153996480269647_1322627713_n

It’s a very difficult challenge I know, especially seeing as transport here is so slow that its hard to go anywhere. Plus, we have agreed that just stepping foot on the beach isn’t enough, we want to spend time on each one and get to know it- otherwise there’s just no point!

So far I have visited 10 … just 32 to go! Perhaps there’s not enough time to see them all, but we will definitely give it our best go! I’m going to give a little summary of the ones we’ve visited so far and update in about a month. Wish me luck!

1 & 2: Praia dos Açores and Praia do Pântano do Sul

When me and will arrived in Florianópolis we spent the majority of our time on these beaches. During the day we would body board and drink a whole lot of coconut water on Praia dos Açores, then in the evening stroll along the shore to Pântano do Sul to eat at one of its lovely restaurants. Açores is still one of my favourites as I have so many lovely memories there.

3 & 4: Praia da Solidão and Praia do Saquinho

There is a beautiful trail between these two beaches that Will and I did together on our last day in the South of the island. Both of the beaches were smaller and more secluded than the first two, and taking the effort to do the steep trek between them made it feel so much more special when we arrived. I wrote more about this trail and its spectacular views in ‘Kia & Will Explore South America: Part Four’

5: Praia Mole


Praia Mole is the first beach we visited once Ana arrived, and it is still one of our favourites, its breathtakingly beautiful, and it definitely wins the award for comfiest sand to lie on. Napping on Mole Beach and drinking yet more coconut water is our new favourite way to cure a hangover.

6: Praia da Galheta

No pics from this one because it’s a nudey beach! There had to be at least one didn’t there? Would you believe that as soon as I picked Ana up from the airport we dropped her stuff off and went to the beach, after a while on Mole we walked to Galheta and were already topless within a few minutes, setting the nipples free in the sea! 

This felt really liberating until we realised that a few naked men had spotted us and were lurking around like vultures, so we gathered our clothes and scarpered.

7: Praia da Joaquina


This beach is usually busier than most of the others, but not in an annoying way, it just feels very alive! There are strong waves at Joaquina and it is also surrounded by big sand dunes, we have yet to go sand-boarding but hopefully we will do soon! 

8 & 9: Praia da Barra da Lagoa and Praia de Mocambique

Barra da Lagoa is where we spent a lot of our time, up until the ‘incident’. I haven’t been back yet but I think I will have to eventually, especially since this beach has been the best one so far for a good day’s body boarding. (And much to my delight they play a lot of Cumbia there, which takes me back!)

I’m not an expert on the borders of beaches, but I’m pretty sure that if you walk far enough along the beach at Barra da Lagoa, it becomes Praia de Mocambique…therefore I think it is safe to say we have visited. Mocambique was lovely like Barra, with its soft sand and stunning sea, only less busy and more tranquil.

10: Praia de Naufragados

I think my favourite day in Florianópolis so far was our trip to Naufragados. This beach is at the most Southern point of the Island, and only accesible by a hike/trail of around 1 hour in duration, that passes through forests, over big rocks, and by pretty waterfalls. Not many people go through the effort of getting there by foot, so those that do are rewarded with a very peaceful beach, surrounded by lush greenery. Once we arrived we spent all day swimming in the sea and the little river, eating our picnic food, and, of course, sunbathing. Praia de Naufragados to me feels like a real hidden treasure.

Thanks for reading; hopefully by next month you will have at least another 10 to read about! We shall see, for now feel free to leave a comment 🙂

*Update* I’ve visited 21 beaches in total, click here to read about beaches 11-21 🙂



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