First of all, how is it July already!?IMG_7279

Second of all, no I haven’t forgotten about
the beach challenge that I set myself,
and with the semester coming to an end it’s safe to say that I definitely won’t be able to visit all 42 before I have to leave this stunning place. However, I have managed to visit 21 of this island’s beautiful beaches, and 50% in just 5 months is a statistic I am more than happy with, especially since every single beach trip was just so perfect.

So without further ado, here are my mini-descriptions of beaches 11-21, (click here to read about beaches 1-10) and my reasons why my visits to each of them were wonderfully unique experiences (no two beaches are the same!)

11. Praia de Canasvieiras

Okay so if I’m honest, this first one wasn’t exactly a beach trip. My real reason for visiting Canasvieras beach was something very exciting… a boat party!!

About 100 international students and a fab DJ getting drunk and dancing on a big old pirate ship, then cooling off by jumping into the sea for a swim- yes, it was as amazing as it sounds, and probably one of my favourite days of the semester!

As for the beach itself, what I saw of it was quite nice, but spending my day there on that boat was definitely the greatest idea!


12. Praia do Campeche 

One warm but cloudy day while everyone was studying, I found myself with a day off, and decided to spend it strolling the shores of Campeche – and what a lovely day that was.

I got myself some coconut water and cookies, and set off. As it turned out Campeche was pretty deserted that day, I had the beach to almost to myself apart from some quirky birds and a kind lady that offered to take a photo of me.

No words can describe how peaceful I felt while sitting on that soft sand doodling and listening to relaxed music, and no photo can capture how mesmerizing it was to watch the changing shades of blue, green and lilac in the sea and the sky.

13. Praia Morro das Pedras

On my little trip to Praia de Morro das Pedras, I began at the Morro das Pedras Mirante, which is basically a big view point to look out over the coast, and it really was worth the walk up the hill for such a beautiful view.

My walk along the beach itself was a little bit more stressful, to say the least. Firstly, Morro das Pedras is not a beach that takes kindly to bare feet; unlike the other super soft beaches of Floripa, this one is not only covered in thousands of shells, but it also features the odd fallen cactus! Secondly, as I was walking along I realised that the sea was rolling in rapidly in front of me. As you can see on one of the photos below, with the sea to the left of me, and a spiky bush topped slope to the right, my path became very narrow indeed. Plus I haven’t even mentioned just how windy it was that day, I nearly blew away!

So, although still a very enjoyable time, my Morro das Pedras Mission was definitely a stark contrast to my Calming Campeche experience.


14. Praia da Armação

Armação is most definitely one of my favourite parts of Florianópolis, (scroll to the bottom to see my Top 5 Favourites!) and I have been there many times, each time as wonderful as the others. The place just has such a great balance of peacefulness and tranquility mixed with the cute little bustling atmosphere you expect from a holiday town. 

If I were to recommend the perfect afternoon there it would be to walk from Morro das Pedras to Armação along the beach (and ideally make friends with a nice dog on the way). Then, when you arrive, of course take many photos of the beautiful coloured boats along the shore, then cross the wooden green bridge to Ponto das Campanhas and check out the view of the coast from both directions. Then stroll back to the teeny tiny ‘town’, get yourself an empanada or an ice-cream, enjoy it while sitting on one of the benches that overlooks the sea, and just watch the world go by for a while. 

That’s exactly what I did 🙂

15. Praia do Gravatá

Gravatá beach takes the award for the teeniest beach I’ve been to – it is so small and cute! So it is definitely not a day trip, but I do recommend the trail to get there, it’s short, but it has some of the best views of any trail I’ve done in Floripa, especially if you get adventurous like we did and climb to the top of the huge rocks on the hill’s peak.

16, 17, 18 & 19:  Cachoeira de Bom Jesus, Ponta das Canas, Lagoinha do Norte and Praia Brava

If I had to rank the 4 beaches that we visited in the North of the island, it would go like this:

Third Place: Praia Brava – Still a lovely place but quite a lot more touristy than the other beaches.

Joint Second Place: Ponto das Canas and Cachoeira de Bom Jesus – both beautiful beaches with stunning views of the sea and the mountains on the continent in the distance, they are what I would imagine to be the perfect places for a barbecue on the beach and to watch the sun go down.

First: Lagoinha do Norte – I’m so happy that we visited this beach off-season! From a quick Google Images search it seems that Lagoinha do Norte is packed during the Summer months, however, we visited during June and it was just perfect. The weather was still beautiful, but there was hardly anyone around, this beach just felt so perfect and secluded amongst the lush greenery. 


20 & 21: Praia do Matadeiro and Lagoinha do Leste

Close by to Armação and Ponto das Campanhas, Matadeiro is a great little beach, and its value would be even more appreciated by surfers- it’s one of the best places on the island to catch a wave! 

I only walked through Matadeiro on my way to the Lagoinha do Leste trail – hiking to Lagoinha is such a fantastic way to spend a day! My quads definitely felt the burn from some of those steep parts, but it was certainly worth it. Lagoinha is an amazing beach, and the view from that famous rock will certainly take your breath away.

(Not to mention the fact that its the perfect Instagram-worthy photo opportunity!) 

And, after all of this beaching around, here are my Final Top 5 Favourite Beaches: 

5. Lagoinha do Norte: As mentioned earlier, maybe I would have a different opinion of Lagoinga do Norte if I had visited during summer, but our off-season afternoon was just so perfect that it had to be in my Top 5- it was everything that a beach should be!

4.Praia de Naufragados: The trail to Naufragados is still one of my favourite trails ever, and getting to the beach just feels so incredible once you’ve earned it. I also adore the way in which it feels like you’ve discovered the beach all by yourself; such a stunning, tranquil place.

3. Praia Mole: One of the classic, timeless beaches for people that live in the Lagoa area, Mole had to make this list. I surely will miss living just a stones throw away from a beach with the softest sand and bluest sea I have ever seen.

2.Praia da Armação: Anyone that knows my style photography and illustration knows that I’m simply a sucker for bright colours. Those colourful boats combined with the perfect atmosphere easily earns Armação second place.

1. Praia de Açores: Maybe its because it’s the first Florianópolis beach I ever visited and I just have so many good memories of it, but those lovely tropical shores really do have the biggest place in my heart.

And some final thoughts:

  • I was worried that visiting so many beaches and writing about them all would get monotonous and boring, but I really do feel like every one I’ve been to has felt like a completely different experience to the others, and I hope that I have captured that in my descriptions too.
  • I can now stand at pretty much any point on the East of the island and recognise every part of the coastline I can see, and know that I have walked along it all. It is such a wonderful feeling to really conhecer such a large portion of this island, and I really appreciate the fact that I had the opportunity to live here.
  • I’ve yet to get sick of seeing beautiful beach views, feeling the sand under my soles and the sun on my skin, and I hope I never do because I can’t wait to explore other places of the world.

Please feel free to leave a comment, I love hearing what you have to say! 🙂


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  1. I really feel like I could go there and enjoy it like you have! It looks an amazing island and I agree with you that walking with sand between your toes and sun on your skin never gets boring. How are you ever going to go back to normality? Maybe you won’t need to when your career gets off the ground and you can just travel for a living! Great reports! Keep them coming!

    1. Yes its such a great place, you would love it! Im really not sure how I will ever get back to normal, I think you can expect to see an article on the culture shock of re-entering England in the not too distant future! Haha! I really hope you are right though, travelling for a living is the dream 🙂

  2. Visiting 21 beaches in a such a short space of time is quite some achievement! Love those colourful boats too, and your pictures really reflect what you said about each beach having its own distinctive character 🙂

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