November surely has to be the quickest month that has gone by so far, I feel like I blinked and it was gone! I can’t be too sad about it though, as it means seasonal festivities are now in full swing. I love Christmas and everything about it, so I’m sure December’s inspirations will be jam-packed!

Not wanting to wish the time away though, it must be said that November has been a lovely month– I’ve been super busy, but the really enjoyable kind of busy. Here’s a little mixture of what I’ve been up to this month and why, including the TV shows I’ve been watching, the more productive things I’ve done, and what’s inspired me to get arty.

  1. Scream Queens (Season 2)

I was surprised and delighted at the start of November when I realised that the first four episodes of Scream Queens season 2 had been released. I’m inexplicably addicted to this weird ‘dark’ comedy even though I swear I must laugh and exclaim, this is so stupid!” at least ten times per episode, but I think that’s why I love it so much; it doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

I have to admit that this season isn’t as fabulous as the first (you just can’t beat all of those sorority shenanigans and campus killings) but I’m still enjoying season 2. Mostly because I’m thrilled to have these characters back in my life again. I can’t really choose a favourite character because there’s such a good selection, especially when it comes to badass women, but I’d say my top 3 are sassy Denise Hemphill (FBI), Chanel (gotta love Chanel O’ween) and Jamie Lee Curtis killing it as Cathy (box)Munsch.

Scream Queens Illustration

I’d like to say that Scream Queens has made it to my inspirations list because the Chanels and their outfits have influenced my wardrobe choices, but I’m far too poor to imitate their style. Instead Scream Queens has just been keeping me laughing, and is the theme of many a little doodle in my sketchbook. 

  1. Planet Earth II

Do I really need to say much? I think we all know that Planet Earth II is absolutely bloody brilliant.

Every week I’m presented with wonderful creatures, some of which I never even knew existed, all in such outstandingly beautiful detail I feel like I’m at an IMAX cinema. And then, as if it wasn’t already good enough, the icing on the cake is the narration by our nation’s fave; Davey A.

Planet Earth: Glass Frog and Bird of Paradise Illustration

I really have been looking forward to watching this every week and being transported to another world.

  1. Winter sunshine

I haven’t just been watching TV, I promise! I’ve still been enjoying getting outside as usual; there’s something quite lovely about the winter sunshine and how it streams into my room in the morning.

Winter Sun, BedroomAlthough the sun can be deceiving (it always looks so warm and inviting, and it’s only once I step out that I realise many more layers are necessary) the chilly air hasn’t deterred me from spending some time enjoying nature– including a frosty run to Edgbaston Reservoir, and a crisp stroll around Harborne Park; surrounded by squirrels and all of the many little mushrooms that have grown.

  1. Children’s books

As part of my studies, I have spent a lot of time this month reading about the translation of children’s literature, and how important illustrations are to writers and translators alike. For a long time now I have wanted to write and/or illustrate my own children’s story book(s), and now, studying this topic has inspired me to add the aim to my Ten Year To-Do List’ and finally start considering it as a real possibility.

Exotic Jungles and Enchanted Woodlands Illustration

I’m already gathering potential inspirations and ideas for this future project, especially since my head is constantly filled with images of exotic jungles (courtesy of Planet Earth II) and enchanted woodlands (courtesy of my wintery walks.)

  1. Fundraising and Event Organisation

November has been a busy month for the UoB Linguist Magazine; we have produced our 19th issue, hosted a bake sale and a pub quiz as fundraisers, and a social event to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the publication. As well as enjoying the fun side of these things, I’ve also surprised myself by just how much I’ve loved organising it all too!  I mean, I’ve always liked having everything organised anyway (no better feeling than ticking off everything on your daily to-do list) but fundraisers and events demand an extra level of planning, preparation, delegation, and structure; which, as it turns out, I find really rewarding. Of course, I have to admit that I’ve had help from a fab team of enthusiastic people too– I couldn’t have managed all that on my own.

UoB Linguist @Clink

You never know when things might change your outlook on life- I had never envisaged a potential future career in event planning before, but I’m starting to realise that I might actually have the skills and enthusiasm for it to be possible… never say never!

  1. The Botanist

An aim for this semester was to write more articles related to trips out and about in Birmingham, unfortunately I have been so busy that the time to explore much hasn’t really materialised. However, given it was my boyfriend’s birthday a couple of weeks back, we finally had proper excuse for at least one nice outing. I decided it would be a good idea to take him to The Botanist; a delicious steak accompanied by his choice from the huge available election of craft beers, what could go wrong!? 

As expected, it was the perfect choice– the food and drinks were absolutely everything we could’ve asked for. But what I hadn’t counted on when choosing the restaurant, was just how much I would fall in love with the interior of the place! With beautiful attention to detail in design, ornate metalwork everywhere, and the quirkiest lighting features you ever did see, this place is just begging to belong in my sketchbook! It really captured my imagination, and I’ve been illustrating details from our visit whenever I get the chance.

What inspired you in November? What are you most looking forward to in December? As ever, your comments always make my day! 

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