Though comparing cemeteries as if they were tourist destinations seems morbid, Buenos Aires’ La Recoleta has nothing on Milan’s Monumental Cemetery! Everything in that place really is a work of art. And though I had a very somber and humbling realization near the end of my visit (see my travel story; ‘The Ultimate Destination’), I had already taken so many photos of the grand, impressive mausoleums and hauntingly beautiful sculptures that I discovered there, I just had to share them with you.

And yes, I know there are loads– this page may take a while to load- but trust me, this is my large collection already cut down by A LOT!

Creepy? Terrifying? Beautiful? What do you think of these photos? Let me know, I’ll be keeping an eye on the comments…


4 thoughts on “In Photos: The Haunting Beauty of Milan’s Cimitero Monumentale

  1. it is kind of crazy that a cemetery can be so…beautiful. but i agree, i really do find *some* cemeteries to be quite impressive. i visited a mausoleum in New Orleans, and although the place was slightly eerie, there was some kind of inexplicable beauty to it as well.

    i love your pictures, they are beautiful!

  2. The fragility of life. In some ways these sculptures help us stay “immortal”, though the body has crumbled to dust, an image (in this case sculpture) remains.

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