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Freelance Writing and Editing Services

Do you require a Freelance Content Writer? What about an Editor, Translator, or Illustrator? Work with ME!

I’m currently available to hire for professional freelance work in any of the following areas: Content writing/ copywriting, Proofreading, Editing, Translation, and Illustration. My ‘‘About’ page here on Aspire to Amble can tell you a little more about me and my interests, but if you are looking for details about my freelance services and ways in which you can contact me about them, please see below.

My Freelance Content writing/ Copywriting Services

As a freelancer I provide content writing/ copywriting services on a very wide variety of topics. My specialities are travel and art/creativity, but I am highly adaptable and have researched and produced high quality content on a whole host of topics for various clients, including the English language, nature, astronomy, transport, technology, tourism, and various children’s topics. I have also been working closely with an SEO expert recently in order to improve and expand my knowledge of SEO, meaning that I am able to optimise any content that I write so it is not only reader-friendly, but search engine friendly too.

Current and previous clients include HarperCollins UK, and National Geographic. The majority of titles I have worked on professionally are in print, and therefore I am unable to provide a copy, but I can go into further detail about specific titles if you contact me. For more general examples of my writing style you can explore my blog, or any of the following sources: The Culture Trip,  The National Student, Tyro Magazine (Campus Society), Soap Box Magazine, Global Graduates, The UoB Linguist Magazine, Wanderarti, The Linguist (Page 17), Student Universe, Redbrick Paper, About Basque Country (Spanish). Though please do keep in mind as I said that I am very adaptable and can research and produce content on a broad range of topics.

I’m very open to new ideas and opportunities, so if you have something you’d be interested for me to write about, I’d love to hear from you! (See contact details below)

My Proofreading, Editing and Translation Services

I’m not just a native speaker of English, I’m also fluent in written and spoken Spanish and Portuguese. As well as having an excellent level of accuracy, with thorough attention to detail, I have also studied (at length) how these languages interact together. These abilities mean I am a highly competent proofreader, editor, and translator. But I don’t just expect you to believe me, I have a list of experiences and achievements that will prove it to you:

  • As well as graduating with first class honours from my degree in Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Birmingham with a distinction in translation, my final dissertation paper (on translation and language) was awarded ‘Best Language & Linguistics Paper in Europe’ (Regional Winner 2017) at the Global Undergraduate Awards, with another of my papers also being awarded ‘Highly Commended.’
  • Throughout my four years at university I worked my way up through the ranks of the UoB Linguist Magazine (the University of Birmingham’s official multilingual publication), gaining valuable experience and relevant skills during my roles as Writer, Section Editor, Creative Designer, and President (Editor of entire publication).
  • My past and current proofreading, editing, and translating clients include prestigious names such as The Times, HarperCollins UK, and National Geographic. I have worked on various editorial titles (including the Times Guide to the House of Commons and the Times Companion to 2017); children’s reference titles (including the Children’s Illustrated Dictionary, Primary Thesaurus, and a series of National Geographic themed children’s puzzle books); and Spanish and Portuguese bilingual reference titles (including various Collins bilingual dictionaries and grammar supplements.)

My Freelance Art & Illustration Services:

I am a prolific creator, art is one of my biggest passions and there is not a day that goes by where I am not working on an artistic project. My areas of interest within art are travel-inspired art and illustration, illustration for children, and creative journaling. For examples of my work the best place you can visit is currently my instagram account: @aspiretoamble , though I do hope to be creating an area of this site dedicated to being an artwork portfolio very soon.

I’d be very excited to discuss any project that would involve me bringing my art and creativity to the table, so if you are looking to hire an illustrator, or to collaborate with a creative journaling influencer, please get in touch.

(For flip throughs of my creative art journals, you can also visit my new YouTube channel)

My Contact Details – Get in Touch:

If you are interested in: content writing, copywriting, proofreading, editorial, or translation services, please email kia@aspiretoamble.com

If you are interested discussing an illustration project, or working with AspiretoAmble.com via affiliate links, ads, paid guest posts on the site, etc.  please email enquiries@aspiretoamble.com

As I have said, I am very open to and enthusiastic about new ideas and opportunities, so don’t hesitate to contact me, I would be very happy to hear from you!

Kia Marie Hunt