I always talk about how Florianópolis is a place of natural beauty, but there are also other types of beauty present here. It is apparent that this magical island is home to many talented street artists, as everywhere I look I seem to see another inspiring piece.

Rather than keep on writing I will let the art speak for itself; below is a collection of photos of inspiring street art pieces discovered while out and about in Florianópolis. (Unfortunately I don’t know the names of these artists to credit them, but if anybody does, please leave a comment!)

Also, R.I.P to the huge colourful piece of a smiling little native Brazilian girl on the side of tenda de ideas in the centrinho of lagoa. I used to look at it everyday on the way to the bus station, it was so beautiful. Then the day I went with my camera to get a photo it was painted over in white! If anyone happens to know what I’m on about and has a photo, please send it in!

If any of you have any more photos of the street art in Floripa, please send me them, there are so many pieces that I don’t have photos of and it would be easy to add them to this little collection 🙂 

Thanks to Jade Sissoko and Amandine Gady for letting me add in a couple of their photos, and extra special thanks to Mauricio de Aquino, who says that my blog has given him a new hobby; he has turned to hunting street art instead of Pokémon! (And he has sent in over 20 photos!)

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