The Florianópolis 42 Beach Challenge: Part 2

After 5 months on this magical island, I have successfully managed to visit 50% of it’s beautiful beaches. In the second part of my 42 Beach Challenge, I describe the unique experiences of beaches 11-21, as well as selecting and naming my Final Top 5 Favourites. Read More

Living in Brazil: the Good, the Bad, and the Inbetween

As it would in any place, life in Brazil has it’s ups and downs. Some aspects are great, and some are frustrating. And some things, such as food that is mouth-wateringly good, but so damn cheap that it’s addictive, kind of make me feel torn… Read More

Exploring South America 4: Curitiba and Florianópolis

Curitiba: including a bus tour of the city, Hansel & Gretel trails, Sugarcane juice, Botanical Gardens. Plus, introducing Florianópolis, its amazing beaches, Brazilian cooking, and some chocolate pizzas! Read More

Exploring South America 3: Bonito

Our third week of adventures comes from Bonito; the heart of Brazil’s ecotourism industry. Including; prehistoric grottos, bright blue lakes, snorkelling with fish in clear, freshwater coral reefs, land-locked beaches, more cocktails, a flood-scare, and travelling the river’s rapids on a rubber ring! Read More

Year Abroad Adventures Blog: Study Abroad Decision Guide

After writing “Year Abroad Adventures Blog: Closer to Home or Further afield?” I was asked by to elaborate a little by compiling a ‘Study Abroad Decision Guide’ which contains tips and advice on the most important of year abroad decisions, including where to go, when to go, and how long to go for. Read More

Interviewing a Global Traveller

Global traveller and travel blogger Stephanie Yoder of ‘Why Wait to See the World’ gives us an insight into her fascinating life (including working from Finland to Fiji and taking shots of cobra blood in Vietnam!) Read More