Did you suffer from the January blues? 

I don’t really think I did, would you like to know why?

Because at any spare moment I may have, I am still in Austria inside my head, living out the festive spirit.

Sure, January has been pretty difficult what with getting back into the University ‘routine’ (the routine of having no routine whatsoever), not to mention the mad and stressful rush around essay deadline time. But I’ve been keeping myself sane making the most of any scrap of spare time by living in my little Austrian dream world. That’s why this inspirations post is a little different; it’s a special Austrian-themed arty edition!

  1. Servus in Stadt & Land Magazine

How is it possible that I have had my head stuck in the same two magazines for the entire month and yet I couldn’t tell you what it says inside them if you asked? The answer is simple, Servus is written entirely in German, a language which I do not speak – I just look at them for the photos!

Mum and I found these mags on the landing outside our room at the Hotel Lebzelter, I don’t know if we were allowed to take them (probably not), but we couldn’t help ourselves (Sorry Lebzelter- and ‘danke!’) They are packed full of the most beautiful photographs, and printed on such lovely quality paper that I wish I could use every page as a poster.

They have been my main inspiration as every time I flick through, mesmerised by dramatic mountainous landscapes, snowy scenes, mouth-watering food, and Austrian timbered buildings and cosy interior decorations, I am transported away. I fear that when I am truly done with these magazines, there will be nothing left; every single photo inspires a new journal page or collage, I can’t stop cutting things out!

  1. Winter Warmer Teas

During our little Austrian Adventure, each member of our family had to buy each other little gifts from the local shops, and the gift my sister gave me just keeps on giving! She knows I am absolutely mad about tea, so she got me some of the most wonderful infusions:

  • Hüttenzauber Translations I have discovered when having a little google around this term include ‘holiday’, ‘cosy cabin magic’, ‘rustic chalet atmosphere’ and ‘après ski party’. Whatever you want to call it, it tastes like apples, honey, hibiscus, and oranges; and I can’t get enough of it.
  • Kurkuma-Tee mit Rooibos, Zimt & Vanille16506849_10154891694624647_840411656_nMy Italian teacher would not stop banging on about how amazing turmeric tea is for your health, but it never sounded that appealing. That is until I found this one, with rooibos, cinnamon, and vanilla, making it much sweeter and more pleasant! And I actually can’t believe how good it is, especially for my skin. I’ve been struggling with horrible breakouts ever since I’ve got back from Brazil, and I swear it wasn’t until I started drinking this regularly that I began to see improvements – it’s great!
  • Winterzauber- Translating toWinter magic’ this tea is honestly Christmas in a cup! It’s full of festive spices, and it has been such a perfect treat to fill my flask with it and enjoy warm little cups of it throughout the day during my breaks from essay writing. One particular morning my lecture was cancelled and all of a sudden it began to snow heavily outside; I just sat with my cup of ‘winter magic’, sketching Austrian things by the window- everything was so still and white, I really haven’t felt that peaceful in quite a while.
  1. Holiday memories

I can’t stop looking through the hundreds of photos that I took during our time in Zell am See! I am so brimming with ideas for all of the art journal pages, collages, and themed illustrations I want to create; I just wish I had enough time to make them all!

Instead of writing more though, I think it is time for me to show you some of the art I have made thanks to my inspirations this month.I hope you enjoy it too, as I have a lot more ideas to come…


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  1. Mel: you know, Suan has this uncanny ability to recall minute details on our past journeys. For example she’d remember what we ordered for dinner on a specific day! Wow. Guess this is the memories that floods back! No worry, the prescribed cure from us is : plan now and book your next journey. It may be Italian memories you will be reminiscing next

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