I’m not sure quite how late I am onto the ‘Travel ABCs’ tag/trend, but I saw this post by Stephanie when browsing the wonderful Why Wait to See the World and I just loved the idea! Yes, seeing as no one has actually tagged me to do this, I am definitely cheating- but it looks really fun to do so… #sorrynotsorry!

Image result for antarctica beerAge you went on your first international trip:

My parents took me to Portugal when I was about 2 years old! But the first international trips I can actually remember are visiting Hungarian relatives with my grandparents.

Best (foreign) beer you’ve had and where:

Antarctica, my favourite Brazilian beer (served ice-cold please!)

Cuisine (favorite):

Italian. If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life I’m sure it would be pizza.

One of my favourite pizzas ever

Destinations, favorite, least favorite and why:

Favourite: If I had to pick just one favourite, I guess it would be Bonito (Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil); beautiful by name, beautiful by nature.

Snorkelling in the Aquario Natural (freshwater coral reef), Bonito, MS.

Least favourite: I can’t help but see things through rose tinted glasses when I travel, so it’s quite difficult to pick a ‘least favourite’ destination! Does Wolverhampton count…?

Experience abroad that made you say “wow”:

IGUASSUI’m sure I have had no experience quite as stunning as visiting the magnificent Iguassu Falls. I will never forget the breathtaking views from our little boat on the river Iguassu, or marvelling at the vast quantities of water that come crashing down at the Devil’s Throat!

Favorite mode of transportation:

As much as I love flying, train travel is definitely the most relaxed way to go for me. There’s no airport stress, and you can just hop on, sit back, and enjoy the scenery.   (Extra cool if it’s one of those double-decker trains like the ones in Milan)

Image result for trenord

Greatest feeling while travelling:

Making a connection with someone in another language! Even if they speak amazing English, making a real effort in someone’s native language warms them to you on a whole different level. Just a simple conversation is all it takes to make a connection sometimes, reminding me that all of the language-learning struggles I’ve gone through are so worth it after all.

Hottest place you’ve traveled to:

Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil), I remember the first whoosh of heat and heavy humidity as I came off the plane, it was a really strange experience. Exciting too- it felt so tropical!

Incredible photo you’ve taken and where:

Incredible is subjective, and though I think my photos from amazing locations like the Iguassu Falls are incredible, perhaps they have been seen too many times before.

The quality of this photo from a balcony in Curitiba isn’t exactly the best, but I think it is incredible that I managed to catch the moment when the storm rolling in covered exactly half of the city, and the other half was still in the light.


Journey that took the longest:

Hello 16 hour bus ride from Iguaçu to Bonito. Though it wasn’t quite as hellish as I had expected, it was definitely very boring. I thought my boyfriend would at least be good company during the longest bus journey of our lives, but somehow he slept the ENTIRE time, and it was night time so I couldn’t enjoy views from the window, and my battery had run out so I couldn’t even listen to music!

Keepsake from your travels:

I used to collect magnets from everywhere I went… until there was no room left on the side of our fridge! Now my favourite type of keepsake is making travel-inspired art, especially in my travel journals and sketchbooks, they are full of such precious memories. I always say that if my house were on fire, my collection of art/travel journals would be the one thing I save! (Visit www.instagram.com/aspiretoamble if you would like to see my art account)

Lebzelter Hotel, Zell am See, collage/illustration
Pages from my Austrian Inspirations travel journal

Let-down sight, why and where:

I don’t like trashing places, but maybe Curitiba? Visiting the Botanical Gardens was amazing, and I loved our hotel, but the rest of the city was a little bit…meh. We definitely made the most of it with our city bus tour, but there wasn’t really that much to see.

Moment where you fell in love with travel:

There’s no particular moment I don’t think. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved gazing at maps and reading about different places and strange new cultures. Travel seems common sense to me, who wouldn’t want to explore this fascinating world!?

IMG_5268Nicest hotel you’ve stayed in:

In the posh and swanky sense, the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in were both in London, the Hilton Metropole and The Marriott Marble Arch (thanks grandad!)

However, nicest in another way was my stay at the Casa dos Açores B&B in Açores, Florianópolis. It was so close to the beach and had a lovely garden with various hammocks where I would relax and make art. Not to mention our host Simone was an amazing cook (a professor of gastronomy!) who would put on the best breakfasts ever, and even made us some speciality evening meals and cocktails!

Obsession—what are you obsessed with taking pictures of while travelling?

IMG_4393Birds. I know it’s such an old lady thing to do but I can’t deny that I’m most obsessed with taking photos of birds. The more exotic looking the bird, the more excited I am! (This is arguably super sad, so I don’t know why I’m admitting it, but I even have a secondary blog, Birdie Snaps, where I post my amateur photos of birds…)

Passport stamps, how many and from where?

So far I have multiple stamps from going in and out of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay many times- but I want more! Why don’t all countries give out stamps? If European countries did, my passport would be full by now!

The Smallest House in Great Britain.jpgQuirkiest attraction you’ve visited and where:

Perhaps Quay House in Conwy (Wales), otherwise known as the smallest house in Great Britain. Built in the 16th century, I’d definitely consider that miniscule (3.05m by 1.8m) red house to be pretty quirky, not to mention completely adorable!!By Nilfanion - Wikimedia UK, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47648282

Recommended sight, event or experience:


I would 100% recommend volunteering as an amazing experience everyone should try while travelling. It doesn’t matter if its for a day or a year, find a cause you feel strongly about and help out! My time volunteering at Indígena Nature Reserve allowed me to make so many great friendships, and have fantastic, up-close experiences with Uruguay’s indigenous animals, all while helping to preserve their natural environment- who wouldn’t recommend that!?

Splurge; something you have no problem forking over money for while travelling:

Fooooooood. I think all of the spending money I ever take to a destination inevitably ends up in my stomach. Trying local cuisine is one of my favourite parts of travel, and snacking is the best way to spend time while you’re travelling from one place to another- I just cant help but spend all of my money on food!

Giant portion of chivito and chips in Montevideo, Uruguay

Touristy thing you’ve done:

Oh I’ve done plenty of touristy things, but I’m probably at my most touristy when visiting London; Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, Madam Tussaud’s, the lot!

Vila Germanica Park (2)Unforgettable travel memory:

There are a lot, but one that comes to mind is my solo trip to ‘Brazil’s Little Germany’ (Blumenau and Pomerode). It was a really spontaneous decision to go, and it felt so surreal to suddenly be in such a German place, but to know I was still in Brazil. Plus, I really got to know how much I like travelling by myself; I did what I wanted, took myself out for meals and ate alone at restaurants without feeling weird- it gained me so much independence and it was great!

Visas, how many and for where?

So far I just have my 6 month Visa for studying in Brazil, and I don’t know why but (even though it has expired now) it feels like such a precious thing.

IMG_4404Wine, best glass of wine while travelling and where?

I know absolutely nothing about wine and I barely ever drink it. I’d much prefer a coconut water (or cocktail…) fresh from the coconut please!

Xcellent view and from where?:

Italy, the view from Bergamo’s “Città bassa” (lower city) from the“Città alta” (upper city), or vice versa actually! I only went to Bergamo for a quick day trip and I really wasn’t expecting it to be so beautiful!

Years spent travelling?

Though years spent travel blogging would only be 3, technically we’ve all been travelling since birth, so 21!

Zealous sports fans and where?

My apartment in Montevideo was nearby to the Estadio Centenario, Uruguay’s national ground. When the Nacional vs. Peñarol derby was played there, the streets outside were filled with people selling huge flags, and rowdy fans shouting “Uruguay, Uruguay!” It was actually such a great atmosphere that my flatmate went out and I, bought flags, and joined in with all the marching and chanting!

My nominees for this challenge are these seven fab women and their beautiful blogs…

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  1. Thanks for the nomination – I’m going to have to put my thinking cap on for some of these! I love riding the double-decker trains in France too (definitely my guilty pleasure, no matter how long the journey is). Growing up, I spent a lot of summer holidays in Conwy and still remember the first time I saw “The Smallest House” – I couldn’t (and still can’t) work out how a 6″ man would be able to live in it! Really enjoyed reading your A-Z of travel 🙂

  2. Your Iguassu Falls picture looks awesome! I can imagine how it must’ve been a super cool moment sailing across the falls on your boat! sounds amazing!

    i’ve never been to south america but your answers to this abc travel tag make me want to explore there so badly! loved the pictures you shared and reading your answers!
    thanks for nominating me as well! this looks like a fun tag! i’ll be sure to get to it! 🙂

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