Happy New Year!

I hope you celebrated in more style than I did. (Me and my boyfriend stayed in and watched Harry Potter…)2017

If I said “I can’t believe it has been a whole year since I published Happy 2016!  I would be lying, because, if I’m completely honest, it really feels like a lifetime ago– so much has happened since then!

I’d like to take this time to reflect on 2016 and everything it entailed, especially in terms of blogging. (That’s why the feature image for the post is my reflection in the window, dead clever eh?)

Did I keep my resolutions? 

According to last years’ post, I wanted to do two things; to worry less, and to be happy. Here’s a little quote from the Kia of January 2016:


And continue I did! I have published a grand total of 82 posts over the past twelve months, and considering that my total for 2015 was eighteen posts, and for 2014 only eleven (!) I’d say that’s a fair achievement. Not once did I worry too much about what people would think; I wrote every post because I felt like it, and because it made me happy to do so.

Has my blog developed and improved?

When I say I don’t worry about what people think, I mean that I don’t try too hard to appeal to the masses. I am true to myself, and what I would like to write about, but of course, I do still want some people to actually read and enjoy my posts!

(Let’s be honest, anyone who has a blog wants people to read it, and  I could go off on a big tangent about this, but I couldn’t put it any better than Rhiannon from Wales to Wherever did in this post.)

So, worrying about it or not, I do like to review the progress of my blog from time to time; what I have achieved, whether my stats have improved, etc. A career in travel writing would be my dream after all, so its quite a good idea to check if I’m any good at it! Let’s see what the stats say…

  • In 2014, (when my blog was a little baby) I had 443 views from 152 visitors, no likes, and no comments.stats
  • In 2015, these numbers shot up; I had 3,371 views from 933 visitors. Not to mention a lovely little 11 likes and 11 comments.
  • In 2016, numbers increased again, doubling to 6,714 views from 2,426 visitors. I also received 75 comments, and a whopping (for me) 237 likes.
  • This year I have made the big move from .wordpress.com to .combeen nominated for the Liebster Award and the UK Blog Awardsand I am currently being reviewed for the Google Adsense program. (Fingers crossed!)

So, I think its safe to say that this is my proudest year yet.

Of course, success is subjective and these numbers may be a lot lower than someone else’s, but why compare to someone else? All I can see is the upward trend in these stats and the fact that I am improving, and my main focus is to keep that going.

What’s next? 

2017’s Resolutions:goals

Rather than make specific resolutions this year, I’d rather just continue working towards my various goals. Of course I have mentioned many plans in my Ten Year To-do List, but my 3 most important aims for 2017 are:

  • Continue studying hard enough to graduate in July with First Class Honours. (That’s the big and scary one)
  • Continue the onward and upward trend with my blog. (With one specific goal being to fully monetise it)
  • Continue with my fitness training so that I can complete a Half Marathon. (And hopefully complete it in under two hours too!)

Upcoming Blog Posts:

Last but not least, what can you expect to see coming up on Aspire to Amble in the next few weeks? Here’s a few of the potential posts I have planned:

  • ‘Escape to Lisbon’Tourist thinking about visiting Portugal’s capital city? tram-97165_960_720.jpgFugitive on
    the run and need somewhere to hide? Either way you’ll love the post coming up from Aspire to Amble‘s next Guest Poster. She’s a bit strange and she won’t mind me saying so, but she’s also a brilliant and hilarious writer too.
  • ‘December & January’s Inspirations’– December has been so inspired that I’m still busy crafting and creating. So much so that January’s Inspirations will be a jumbo post including all of December’s too. Coming around February 1st, expect to be blasted with nostalgic festive cheer, as it is sure to include very Christmassy collages, Austrian art journal entries swimming with sketches of cute timber buildings, and a few of my favourite ‘Winter Warmer’ herbal tea infusions. (Which I’m sure will still be relevant during a chilly British February)
  • I also have a trip to London planned in late January, and an exciting week in Milan during early February, and nothing can inspire me to write a blog post quite like a trip can!

What are your goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “2016: A Year in Review

  1. Your new year sounds rather perfect if you ask me! I was mopping the exact same floor as I was the same time last year and the year before. Just call me Cinderella. You’ve got 3 solid aims to work towards there! Good luck with all three – especially your degree!

  2. Well, watching a movie together was definitely better than we packing our luggage for a return journey home…
    But it was indeed a wonderful 2016. And for 2017 we have three simple wishes:
    – Touch Petra
    – Land on Cuba
    – Do another road trip in Thailand

  3. Ringing in 2017 whilst watching Harry Potter is the way to go (I watched Deathly Hallows Part 1 with my boyfriend on NYE!) From experience, I can say if you want it enough and work hard (without overdoing it and burning out of course) then it’s possible to achieve that elusive First Class Honours. For me, it was all about improving my essay writing skills as I never had too big a problem with exams, but taking the time to read mark schemes, identify exactly what the lecturer was looking for, meeting professors to discuss my essays etc. really helped! Looking forward to your upcoming posts as always – my family went to Lisbon without me (damn uni exams!) three years ago, and it’s somewhere I’d love to visit!

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